Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 5 pp 1237—1256

Senescence-associated exosomes transfer miRNA-induced fibrosis to neighboring cells


Figure 4. TGF-β affects MSC physical phenotype. Pre- and senescent MSCs were treated with 10 μM SB505-124 (SB505) for 10 days every 72 hours. MSCs that were treated with DMSO served as the control groups. MSCs were stained with Calcein-AM and 10X representative images were taken after 10 days (A). ImageJ shape parameter tools were used to measure cell shape factor (CSF) (B), area (C), nuclear shape factor (NSF) (D), and nuclear area (E) for each cell with ~500 cells per condition. Treatment with SB505 elongated pre- and senescent cell and nuclear morphologies. This treatment also decreased cell and nuclear areas. Shape factor value of 1 represents a circle and 0 represents a line. Scale Bar: 100 μm. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.005, ***p < 0.001.