Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 5 pp 1237—1256

Senescence-associated exosomes transfer miRNA-induced fibrosis to neighboring cells


Figure 6. Senescent EXO exchange promotes activated MSC phenotype. Pre-senescent MSCs were treated with or without senescent MSC EXOs (SA-EXOs) and stained for dapi (blue), filamentous actin (red), a-SMA (cyan), and Ki-67 (green) (A, B). EXO treatment elevated a-SMA and Ki-67 expression compared to untreated MSCs (C) and further modulated TGF-β related gene profiles (D). Gene expressions were normalized to β-actin and to untreated MSCs (control and represented by dashed red line). Scale Bar: 100 μm. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.005, ***p < 0.001.