Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 6 pp 2046—2065

Baixiangdan capsule and Shuyu capsule regulate anger-out and anger-in, respectively: GB1–mediated GABA can regulate 5-HT levels in multiple brain regions


Figure 5. IF of GB1 and 5-HT neurons in the DRN. (A, a), (B, b), (C, c): control group; (D, d), (E, e), (F, f):AOM group; (G, g), (H, h), (I, i): BXD group; (J, j), (K, k), (L, l): AIM group; (M, m), (N, n), (O, o): SY group. (A, a), (D, d), (G, g), (J, j) and (M, m): green-labeled GB1; (B, b), (E, e), (H, h), (K, k) and (N, n): red-labeled 5-HT; (C, c), (F, f), (I, i), (L, l) and (O, o): double-labeled cells (yellow). (AO): x200, scale = 50 mm; (ao): x400, scale = 20 mm.