Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 6 pp 2046—2065

Baixiangdan capsule and Shuyu capsule regulate anger-out and anger-in, respectively: GB1–mediated GABA can regulate 5-HT levels in multiple brain regions


Figure 7. The concentration of 5-HT in the PFC, hippocampus and hypothalamus after microinjection of baclofen or CGP35348 into the DRN. (A, a): 5-HT concentration in the PFC, (B, b): 5-HT concentration in the hippocampus, (C, c): 5-HT concentration in hypothalamus. (AC) microinjection of baclofen; (ac) microinjection of CGP35348. Data are expressed as means ± SEM. *Microinjection of baclofen compared with normal saline, #Microinjection of CGP35348 compared with normal saline; P < 0.05, n = 12.