Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 6 pp 2115—2135

Pan-cancer analysis reveals the associations between MMP13 high expression and carcinogenesis and its value as a serum diagnostic marker


Figure 6. Pathway analysis and PPI network construction for MMP13 in different tumors. (A) The potential effect of upregulation of MMP13 on oncogenic pathway activity was analyzed in pan-cancer. The number in each cell represents the number of cancer types associated with the specific pathway. (B) The association between MMP13-based GSVA score and activity of cancer-related pathways in pan-cancers. *P-value <= 0.05; #FDR <= 0.05. (C) PPI network analysis of interacting genes with MMP13 by GeneMANIA webtool. (D) Functional enrichment analysis of MMP13-related genes in PPI network. (E) Western blotting was used to evaluate the expression of MMP13 and EMT molecular markers in 7 paired human LUAD tissues and adjacent normal tissues. N and T represented cancer tissue and adjacent normal tissue, respectively.