Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 9 pp 3230—3248

Increased expression of musashi 1 on breast cancer cells has implication to understand dormancy and survival in bone marrow


Figure 1. Msi 1 expression in BCC subsets. (A) Shown is the gating scheme for MDA-MB-231 cells, stably expressing pOct4a-GFP for different GFP intensities. (B) MDA-MB-231 cells with stable pOct4a-GFP were sorted for Oct4ahi (CSCs) and Oct4alo cells. The cells were transfected with pGL3-Luc under the control of the upstream regulatory region of Oct4a. Control included unsorted BCCs transfected with pGL3-Luc under the control of the CMV promoter (open bar). The mean fold change of luciferase is presented for three independent experiments. * p<0.05 vs. Oct4alo BCCs. (C) Flow cytometry was performed for Msi 1 using the gating scheme shown in `A’. The histogram represents five different experiments. (D) MDA-MB-231 with pOct4a-GFP were sorted for Oct4a (hi) or (lo) subsets and their whole cell extracts were studied for Msi 1 by western blot. The normalized band densities (mean±SD) of three independent experiments below. * p<0.05 vs. Oct4amed or Oct4alo.