Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 9 pp 3230—3248

Increased expression of musashi 1 on breast cancer cells has implication to understand dormancy and survival in bone marrow


Figure 4. Cell cycle-associated gene levels in Msi 1 knockdown BCCs. (A) Shown is the pathway tested by Western blots. (B) Western blots were performed with whole cell extracts for p21, p16 in the same blot and separate blots for p15 and p53. (C) Western blots were performed for Bcl2 and CDK4 in the same blot and separate blots for Cyclin E and p-Rb. Each membrane was stripped and reprobed for β-actin. The blots represent the mean±SD of three independent experiments. (DG) Normalized bands are shown for key proteins in the Western blots, ±SD, n=3. (H) A summary of the cycling protein levels relative to the cycling phase.