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Th1 promotes M1 polarization of intestinal macrophages to regulate colitis-related mucosal barrier damage


Figure 9. Th1 induced M1 cells can induce epithelial cell injury. (A, B) FCM was conducted to detect cell apoptosis (n=3). The cell apoptosis rate significantly increased in M1 group, higher than that of Control group. (C) FITC-D was adopted to detect the cell barrier permeability (n=3). M1 damaged the cell layer, increased the FITC-D level and enhanced the permeability. *P<0.05 compared with Control group. (D, E) Protein detection (n=3). The expression of Bax increased, and that of Bcl-2 decreased, and the difference was significant compared with Control group. *P<0.05 (F) TUNEL staining (n=3). The positive cell number in M1 group significantly increased, higher than that of Control group.