Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2433—2449

Viral vector-mediated upregulation of serine racemase expression in medial prefrontal cortex improves learning and synaptic function in middle age rats


Figure 3. Upregulation of SR increased total synaptic strength. (A) Schematic of PFC slice adapted from Paxinos [108] illustrating location of recording and position of stimulating and recording electrodes. The rectangular dash lined box indicates the area used for recording total and NMDAR-mediated synaptic responses. (B) Input-output curve of total-fEPSP in slices obtained from LV-SR (n = 8/4 slices/animals) and LV-GFP (n = 8/4 slices/animals) animals, plotting the mean SEM slope across animals relative to increasing stimulation intensities. p < 0.09 represents a tendency for treatment effect at higher stimulation intensities (20–40V).