Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2433—2449

Viral vector-mediated upregulation of serine racemase expression in medial prefrontal cortex improves learning and synaptic function in middle age rats


Figure 5. Redox regulation does not contribute to increased NMDAR synaptic function induced by upregulation of SR expression. (A) Time course of changes in the slope of the NMDAR-fEPSP obtained from mPFC slices 10 min before and up to 60 min after bath application of the reducing agent, DTT (0.5 mM; solid line) for slices obtained from LV-SR (filled circle, n = 8/4 slices/animals) and LV-GFP (control, open circle, n = 8/4 slices/animals) animals. (B) Scatter gram illustrating individual DTT-induced potentiation along with mean percentage increase (black solid line) in the slope of NMDAR-fEPSP in slices obtained from LV-SR (filled circle) and LV-GFP (open circle) animals. (C) Input-output curve of NMDAR-fEPSP slope in slices obtained from LV-GFP (open circle) and LV-SR (filled circle) rats 60 min following bath application of DTT (0.5 mm, solid line), across increasing stimulation intensities. *indicates a significant treatment difference at higher stimulation intensities (16–40V).