Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 9 pp 3759—3770

LncRNA FALEC increases the proliferation, migration and drug resistance of cholangiocarcinoma through competitive regulation of miR-20a-5p/SHOC2 axis


Figure 4. miR-20a-5p downregulates SHOC2 in 5-FU resistant CCA cells via direct binding. (A) The potential target gene of miR-20a-5p predicted via online tools (ENCORI, Target Scan, miRDB, and MirTarBase) and drawn by Venny online analysis software; (B) The predicted binding site of SHOC2 and miR-20a-5p; (C) The mRNA expression of SHOC2 was negatively correlated with the miR-20a-5p in CCA tissues; (D, E) upregulation of miR-20a-5p by its mimic decreased the expression of SHOC2 both in mRNA (D) and protein levels (E) of QBC939-R and Huh-28-R cells.