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Identification of fatty acid-related subtypes, the establishment of a prognostic signature, and immune infiltration characteristics in lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 8. The relationship between immune characters of TME and FA score in the whole cohort. (A) Differences in activities of the cancer immunity cycles between high and low FA score groups. (B) Different expressions of immune infiltration cells in each FA score group. (C) Violin plots for the immune score, stromal score, ESTIMATE score, and tumor purity in the low and high FA score groups. (D) Spearman correlation analysis between TMB and immune score, stromal score, and ESTIMATE score. (E) The correlations between FA score, immunotherapy-predicted pathways and immune checkpoints. (F) The difference in the hallmark gene sets between FA score groups. (GJ) The GSEA results for the 11 overlapping upregulated hallmark pathways in terms of the high FA score groups. ns, not significant, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, ****P < 0.0001.