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DNMT1 regulates polarization of macrophage-induced intervertebral disc degeneration by modulating SIRT6 expression and promoting pyroptosis in vivo


Figure 1. DNMT1 was up-regulated and the expression of SIRT6 was down-regulated in the nucleus pulposus tissue of IDD rats. (A) Hematoxylin and eosin stain were used to detect the damage to the nucleus pulposus tissue of the rats in each group at 12 weeks. (B) Histological damage score significantly increased in the model group and was improved by inhibition of DNMT1 and overexpression of SIRT6 respectively (p<0.05). (C) Protein relative expression level of DNMT1 detected by western blot. (D) Western blot detection of apoptosis-related proteins including caspase-3, BAX, and BCL-2. DNMT1 inhibition and SIRT6 overexpression significantly inhibited apoptosis p<0.05. (E)TUNEL apoptosis assay of nucleus pulposus cells.