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Stress granules sequester Alzheimer’s disease-associated gene transcripts and regulate disease-related neuronal proteostasis


Figure 1. eCLIP-seq of 3BP1 and G3BP2 in SH-SY5Y cells under normal conditions. (A) Silver staining of immunopurified G3BP1 and G3BP2, and 32P autoradiograph in SH-SY5Y cells with and without UV crosslinking. Arrows and square brackets indicate immunopurified proteins and radioactively labelled RNAs, respectively. (B, C) Pie chart depicting the relative contribution of gene categories for G3BP1- (B) and G3BP2-bound RNAs (C). (D) Bar plot showing G3BP1 and G3BP2 preferentially associates with 3′UTR of the target mRNA. (E) Venn diagram depicting the overlapped eCLIP-peaks between G3BP1- and G3BP2-bound RNAs. (F) Motifs enriched within eCLIP-peaks of G3BP1- and G3BP2-bound RNAs.