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Hairy gene homolog increases nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell stemness by upregulating Bmi-1


Figure 6. HRY increased the stemness of NPC cells by promoting Bmi-1 expression. (A) Western blotting was used to determine the protein levels of HRY and Bmi-1 in NPC cells transfected with different plasmids. (B) Schematic diagram of the Bmi-1 promoter, displaying possible HRY binding sites. ATG: start codon for translation. (C) ChIP assays were conducted with anti-HRY or IgG antibodies to determine HRY binding sites on the Bmi-1 promoter in CNE2 cells. (D) The proportions of SP cells among CNE2 cells transduced with different plasmids were analyzed using flow cytometry. (E) Tumor sphere formation in CNE2 cells transduced with different plasmids.