Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 10 pp 4012—4034

Key elements of cellular senescence involve transcriptional repression of mitotic and DNA repair genes through the p53-p16/RB-E2F-DREAM complex


Figure 4. Multiple targets of p53-DREAM/p16-RB-E2Fcomplex are stably repressed in senescent cells. (A) Genes downregulated in senescence were grouped according to their cellular function, including cell cycle check point controls, DNA damage repair and replication, many histones, chromosome condensation, and kinetochore and spindle assembly proteins. (B) Overlap of downregulated genes in replicative senescence (RS) and TNF-α-induced senescence (TIS) that are linked to DREAM and RB-E2F targets. This Figure was created with (C) Western blot analysis of FOXM1, TNF-α, p16 and actin in control, replicative senescence, TNF-α induced senescence or in cells exposed to combination of TNF-α/IFN-γ (D) mRNA expression levels of FOXM1, DYRK1A, RBL1, LIN52, and LIN54. GAPDH levels were used for normalization. Means ± SD are presented in the graph.