Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 12 pp 5535—5549

Galectin-1-mediated high NCAPG expression correlates with poor prognosis in gastric cancer


Figure 5. LGALS1 promotes the migration and invasion of GC cell lines in vitro. Overexpression of LGALS1 (OE-LGALS1) significantly enhanced the migration capacity of (A, B) SGC-7901 and (C, D) HGC-27 cells compared with wild control (WC) and negative controls (NC). The migration capacity was abolished when NCAPG was simultaneously silenced. Magnification: ×100. (E) Transwell assay showing that overexpressed LGALS1 significantly enhanced the invasion ability of SGC-7901 and HGC-27 cells, and simultaneous silencing of NCAPG abolished the invasion capacity (n = 3). Magnification: ×200. Abbreviations: NC: negative control (empty vector); OE-LGALS1: Overexpression LGALS1; OE-LGALS1+siNCAPG: Overexpression of LGALS1 +silencing of NCAPG. NS: not significant. **P < 0.01.