Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 12 pp 5611—5649

Identifying the role of NUDCD1 in human tumors from clinical and molecular mechanisms: a study based on comprehensive bioinformatics and experimental validation


Figure 6. Relationships between tumor - immune system and NUDCD1 expression. Correlations between expression of NUDCD1 and (A) TILs (B) immunoinhibitors (C) immunostimulators (D) MHC (E) chemokines and (F) receptors across human cancers (data from TISIDB). (G) Expression and (H) mutation differences for NUDCD1 between responders and non-responders (data from TISIDB). Correlations between (I) MSI and (J) TMB and NUDCD1 mRNA expression levels in various cancers in the TCGA.