Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 14 pp 6736—6748

Establishing a prognostic model based on five starvation-related long non-coding RNAs for clear cell renal cell carcinoma


Figure 9. The effects of LINC-PINT, AC108449.2 and AC007637.1 on invasion and migration in the starvation condition. The expression levels of AC108449.2 and AC007637.1 (A, B) decreased in the starvation condition, but LINC-PINT (C) increased in that condition. The migration and invasion abilities of cells in starvation-condition were more robust than that in normal-condition. The knock-down of AC108449.2 and AC007637.1 could increase the starvation-induced migration and invasion ability of cells, while the deficiency of LINC-PINT significantly decreased those abilities induced by starvation (D).