Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 12 pp 5826—5853

Identification and validation of a 7-genes prognostic signature for adult acute myeloid leukemia based on aging-related genes


Figure 6. Predictive response of checkpoint blocking-up and drug in training cohort. Correlation between PRS and TIDE score (A), Dysfunction score (B), and Exclusion score (C). Boxplot of TIDE/Dysfunction/Exclusion score (D) and IC50 value of Pevonedistat (E) in HRPS-group/high-risk group and LRPS-group/low-risk group. (F) Relationship between Pevonedistat IC50 and PRS according to 7-ARGs signature, and an outlier was removed from curve of Pearson correlation analysis. Correlation analysis of PRS (G) and Pevonedistat’s IC50 (H) with the NEDD8 expression level. Boxplot of NEDD8 expression level in HRPS-group/high-risk group and LRPS-group/low-risk group (I).