Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 21 pp 11720—11739

Parental age effect on the longevity and healthspan in Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans


Figure 4. Effect of parental age on the motility of their progeny in C. elegans. (A) Principal component analysis of the swimming behavior of N2 C. elegans. Progeny from SG4, LG2, LG2.SG1 lines were evaluated on day 3 and day 7 of adulthood. Eight motility measures were calculated from movies of two independent experiments. PC1 was maximally discriminant for the three categories of worms (SG4, LG2, LG2.SG1), with 80% composed of wave initiation rates. This axis also discriminates between the two time points (ages 3 and 7 days). (B, C) Wave initiation rates (waves/min) for N2 (B) and A (C) lines. Mean ± SD for n > 28 per condition. **p < 0.01 by two-way ANOVA.