Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 21 pp 12296—12313

A systematic framework for identifying prognostic necroptosis-related lncRNAs and verification of lncRNA CRNDE/miR-23b-3p/IDH1 regulatory axis in glioma


Figure 9. Construction of the axis of lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA. (A) 3 NRLs (MIR22HG, CRNDE and MIR210HG) bound to various miRNAs. (BD) The expression of 3 NRLs. (E) Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of 3 miRNAs (miR-23b-3p, miR-129-5p and miR-140-5P). (F) Venn diagram. (G) The expression of IDH1 by GEPIA database. (H) The ceRNA of lncRNA CRNDE/miR-23b-3p/IDH1 axis.