Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 21 pp 12330—12368

A robust six-gene prognostic signature based on two prognostic subtypes constructed by chromatin regulators is correlated with immunological features and therapeutic response in lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 11. Predictive performances of 20 prognostic signatures. (A) AUC (area under the curve of receiver operating characteristic) change curve. Six-gene prognostic signature had the highest AUC values associated with 1-year and 3-year survivals and the next highest AUC value associated with 5-year survival. (B) Concordance index (C-index). Six-gene prognostic signature had the highest C-index 0.673 among 20 prognostic signatures. (C) Restricted mean survival (RMS) curve. Six-gene prognostic signature we developed had the highest hazard rate among 20 prognostic signatures.