Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 21 pp 12413—12450

Construction and validation of a novel angiogenesis pattern to predict prognosis and immunotherapy efficacy in colorectal cancer


Figure 10. Identification of the key biomarkers in ARGs based on multi-methods. (A) The variable importance of 9 prognostic ARGs in RF models. (B) Volcano plot of significant DEGs between the normal and tumor tissues in four CRC cohorts (red represents upregulated genes, blue indicates downregulated genes, and gray represents no change). (C) Correlations between KLK10 expression and both the immune and stromal scores. (D) Spearman correlation analysis performed using different algorithms between KLK10 expression and immune cell infiltration. (E) The relationship between KLK10 expression and the TIDE score. (F) The correlation of KLK10 expression with clinicopathological staging characteristics. (G) Survival analysis for CRC patients with distinct KLK10 expression. (H) The GSVA pathway enrichment analysis between distinct KLK10 expression groups. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.