Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 21 pp 12476—12496

lncRNA HOXC-AS2 promotes the progression of hypopharyngeal cancer by binding to the P62 protein mediating the autophagy process


Figure 1. lncRNA sequencing revealed abnormally high expression of HOXC-AS2 in hypopharyngeal cancer tissues. (A) Statistical results of differentially expressed lncRNAs between different groups. Upregulated genes: lncRNAs upregulated in cases compared with controls; Downregulated genes: lncRNAs downregulated in cases compared with controls; Total DEGs: all differentially expressed lncRNAs in cases compared to controls. (B) Volcano plot of differentially expressed lncRNAs determined by sequencing in this study: The abscissa shows the log2-fold fold change values, and the ordinate shows the −log10 (p) values. The two vertical dashed lines in the figure indicate the differential expression thresholds (2-fold). The dotted line indicates the P-value threshold of 0.05. The red dots indicate upregulated lncRNAs in this group, the blue dots indicate downregulated lncRNAs in this group, and the gray dots indicate nonsignificant differentially expressed lncRNAs. (C) Clustering of differentially expressed lncRNAs: lncRNAs are shown in rows, each sample is shown in a column, red indicates high expression of a lncRNA, and green indicates low expression of a lncRNA. (D) Trend analysis after clustering in this study: the gray line shows the expression pattern of genes in each cluster, and the blue line shows the average expression level of all genes in the cluster in the sample. (E) Differential expression of lncRNAs was visualized on a heatmap after bioinformatics analysis of lncRNA sequencing data.