Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 22 pp 12952—12965

EphA2 as a phase separation protein associated with ferroptosis and immune cell infiltration in colorectal cancer


Figure 2. EphA2 can undergo phase separation in cells. (A, B) Predictions of IDRs and NCPR of EphA2 using PONDR and CIDER database based on their amino acid positions and sequences. (C) Transfection of GFP-EphA2 in HEK293 cells and immunofluorescence detection of EphA2 puncta in the presence or absence of 1,6 hexanediol treatment. (D) Transfection of GFP-EphA2 in HEK293 cells and detection of EphA2 puncta by immunofluorescence 3D imaging. (E) Representative images of FRAP experiment of HEK293 cells that had been transfected with GFP-EphA2 expression vector. The red circle highlights the puncta undergoing targeted bleaching. (F) Quantification of FRAP fluorescence intensity data for GFP-EphA2 puncta.