Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 22 pp 12952—12965

EphA2 as a phase separation protein associated with ferroptosis and immune cell infiltration in colorectal cancer


Figure 3. ALW can disrupt EphA2 phase separation condensates. (A) Immunofluorescence observation of the dynamics of GFP-EphA2 condensates in living cells. The red arrow highlights the dynamic process of GFP-EphA2 condensates at different times. (B) Molecular docking showing the binding site of ALW to EphA2. (C) Transfection of GFP-EphA2 in HEK293 cells and FRAP experiment detection of EphA2 puncta in the presence or absence of ALW treatment. (D) Quantification of FRAP fluorescence intensity data for GFP-EphA2 puncta.