Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 22 pp 13118—13133

Clinical significance and immune landscape of angiogenesis-related genes in bladder cancer


Figure 1. Development and verification of an angiogenesis-related risk model. (A) Univariate analysis of genes related to angiogenesis. (B) LASSO coefficient spectrum of 12 angiogenesis. (C) Cross-validation for tuning parameter selection in the LASSO regression. (D, E) PCA and t-SNE analyses based on risk scores in the TCGA cohort and GEO cohort. (F, G) The distribution of ARG_score and survival status of bladder cancer patients with increased ARG_score. (H, I) Heatmap for the expression of six crucial genes in the TCGA cohort and GEO cohort. (J, K) Survival analysis of low- and high-risk bladder cancer in TCGA cohort and GEO cohort.