Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 3 pp 2090—2122

MAEL in human cancers and implications in prognostication and predicting benefit from immunotherapy over VEGFR/mTOR inhibitors in clear cell renal cell carcinoma: a bioinformatic analysis


Figure 3. Expression and prognostic effect of MAEL in ccRCC. (A) Location of MAEL in human genome. (B) mRNA expression of the six transcripts of MAEL in the KIRCs, KIRPs, LGGs, GBMs, and TGCTs of the TCGA database. (C) Association between mRNA expression and DNA methylation in the KIRCs and TGCTs of the TCGA database. (D, E) Associations of MAEL expression with copy number, clinicopathological features (D) and overall survival (E) in the TCGA-KIRC cohort. (F) Univariable and multivariable analysis of the prognostic effect of MAEL expression in the TCGA-KIRC cohort. Abbreviations: ccRCC=clear cell renal cell carcinoma, GBM=glioblastoma multiforme, KIRC=Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma, KIRP=kidney renal papillary cell carcinoma, LGG=brain lower grade glioma, TCGA=The Cancer Genome Atlas, TGCT=testicular germ cell tumors.