Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 3 pp 2542—2562

Identification and validation of an H2AZ1-based index model: a novel prognostic tool for hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 8. Cell models of H2AZ1 ubiquitination variants of Flag-H2AZ1 (WT) and Flag-H2AZ1 (MUT). (A) Expression of H2AZ1 in the control, H2AZ1-KO, and rescued cell models. (B) Calculation of colony numbers in the control and rescued cell models. Colony numbers comprising more than 50 cells were calculated. (C) Representative images of colony formation assay. (D) Western blotting indicates impaired ubiquitination function after site mutation in H2AZ1. (E) Cellular activity of Control, H2AZ1-KO. (F) Apoptosis ratio of Control, H2AZ1-KO. (G) Cell cycle of Control, H2AZ1-KO. (H) MDA level and SOD activity of Control, H2AZ1-KO.