Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 3 pp 2715—2735

Integrated single-cell and bulk characterization of branched chain amino acid metabolism-related key gene BCAT1 and association with prognosis and immunogenicity of clear cell renal cell carcinoma


Figure 6. Validation of prognostic value and biological features of branched-chain amino acid transaminase 1 (BCAT1). (A) Time-dependent ROC curve of BCAT1 in ccRCC. (B, C) Kaplan-Meier survival curves of high- and low-BCAT groups in ccRCC (B: Progress Free Interval (PFI); C: Disease-Specific Survival (DSS)). (DH) Validation of the correlation between BCAT1 expression and clinicopathological variables in ccRCC (D: GSE53737; E: GSE17895; F and H: GSE73731; G: GSE40435); (I) Results of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) analysis of BCAT1-enriched KEGG pathways. (J) Results of GSEA analysis of BCAT1-enriched HALLMARK pathways. (K) Comparison of mRNA expression levels of BCAT1 between ccRCC and adjacent cancerous tissues. (L) Comparison of mRNA expression levels of BCAT1 in HK-2 and RCC cell lines. (M, N) Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining of BCAT1 in clinical ccRCC tissues (N) and adjacent cancerous tissues (M).