A considerable amount of literature has demonstrated that eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) is closely related to tumors. As a newly identified lysine specific methyltransferase targeting eEF1A at Lys-165, too little attention has been paid to the function of METTL21B. To determine the potential significance and prognostic value of METTL21B in low grade glioma (LGG), we analyzed the expression, methylation level and copy number variations (CNV) of METTL21B and its effect on prognosis in patients with LGG by 4 public databases in conjunction with experimental examination of LGG patient samples. As a result, we found that high expression, hypomethylation and gain/amplification of CNV of METTL21B were associated with poor prognosis in LGG. The potential functions of METTL21B in LGG may be involved in cell adhesion, angiogenesis and cell proliferation of tumor by enrichment analysis. In addition, METTL21B may facilitate immune evasion of tumor and affect prognosis by mediating macrophage polarization from M1 to M2 and regulating expression of immune checkpoints. Nevertheless, patients with high METTL21B level are likely to have better response to immune checkpoints blockage therapy. Because of its substrate specificity, METTL21B is expected to be a promising target for the treatment of glioma.