Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 12750—12770

Navitoclax (ABT263) reduces inflammation and promotes chondrogenic phenotype by clearing senescent osteoarthritic chondrocytes in osteoarthritis


Figure 9. Elimination of SnCs by ABT263 and alleviation inflammatory microenvironment in vivo. (A) immunohistochemical analysis for expression of p16INK4a, HMGB1, COLII and ACAN of rat cartilage after 2 weeks intra-articular injection of ABT263. Result from ABT263 of 1.0 mM was presented. Scale bar: 100 μm. (B) mRNA level analysis using real-time qPCR for CDKN1A, CDKN2A, MMP13, ADAMTS5, IL1β, IL6, COLII and ACAN in the rat knee joint. Data are shown as mean ± standard deviation. N = 3 per group. +p<0.05 with respect to normal group; *p<0.05 with respect to vehicle group.