This article has been retracted. Aging (Albany NY). 2022 Sep 15; 14:7189-7189.  PMID: 32507767
Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10594—10613

Coagulation factor 2 thrombin receptor promotes malignancy in glioma under SOX2 regulation


Figure 6. F2R is a functional target of SOX2 in glioma cells. SOX2 plasmid and si-F2R were co-transfected into U87 and U251 cells. (A) Western Blot analysis of protein level of F2R. (B) Cell proliferation assay detecting the proliferation rate. (C, D) Colony formation assays. (E, F) Transwell invasion assay. (G, H) Wound healing assay. All experiments were repeated at least three times. Data are means ± SEM. **P<0.01.