Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 11085—11099

The effect of swimming exercise and diet on the hypothalamic inflammation of ApoE-/- mice based on SIRT1-NF-κB-GnRH expression


Figure 2. Swimming exercise and diet control improved physiological conditions. (A) The changes in body weight of mice at 20-40 weeks of age, respectively. There was no difference in body weight among groups at 32 weeks of age. It was significantly different in the body weight at the end of the intervention (40 weeks) among groups, EX group had the lowest body weight (p < 0.01); (B) HE staining of mouse gastrocnemius muscle. Scale bar = 200μm. (C) HE staining of mouse liver tissue. Scale bar = 200μm. (DH) Serum TC, TG, LDL, HDL and glucose levels. vs control group, ▲▲p < 0.01. vs HFD group, *p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01. vs DC group, #p < 0.05, ## p < 0.01.