Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10180—10193

Reduced expression of microRNA-130a promotes endothelial cell senescence and age-dependent impairment of neovascularization


Figure 2. miR-130a and endothelial cell senescence. (A) Relative expression of miR-130a in Mouse Aortic Endothelial Cells (MAECs) isolated from young and old mice, as quantified by real-time qPCR (n=3/group). (BD) Evaluation of cell proliferation (MTS assay, B) and senescence (Senescence-associated β-Galactosidase staining, C, D) in MAECs isolated from young or old mice and treated with miR-130a mimic (miR-130a), anti-miR-130a (miR-130a inh), or a scrambled miR mimic control (miRCTL). Data are mean ± SEM (n=3/group). * p<0.05 vs. young+miRCTL; # p<0.05 vs. old+miRCTL. ▲ p<0.05 vs. young+miRCTL.