Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10180—10193

Reduced expression of microRNA-130a promotes endothelial cell senescence and age-dependent impairment of neovascularization


Figure 4. miR-130a treatment rescues age-dependent impairment of neovascularization. Quantification of blood flow recovery (Laser Doppler, A, C), capillary density (CD31 immunostaining, B, D), ischemic damage (E) and ambulatory impairment (F) in young mice treated with a scrambled miR mimic control (miRCTL) or old mice treated with miR-130a mimic (miR-130a) or miRCTL. Arrows indicate left ischemic hindlimbs (A) and capillaries (B). (G, H) Representative Western blots and quantitative analyses of MEOX2 (G) and HOXA5 (H) expression in the ischemic muscles of the three groups of mice. (I) Comparison of NO blood plasma bioavailability in the three groups of mice. Data are mean ± SEM (n=3-7/group). * p<0.05 vs. young+miRCTL; # p<0.05 vs. old+miRCTL.