Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10180—10193

Reduced expression of microRNA-130a promotes endothelial cell senescence and age-dependent impairment of neovascularization


Figure 5. Effect of miR-130a treatment on PAC number and function during aging. Representative pictures and quantification of PAC number (A, C), PAC (red) integration into HUVEC tubules (matrigel assay, B, D) and PAC migration (Boyden chamber assay, E) in young mice treated with a scrambled miR mimic control (miRCTL) or old mice treated with miR-130a mimic (miR-130a) or miRCTL. Triple-stained PACs (DAPI, BS-1 lectin-FITC, and DiI-acLDL) are shown in (A). Data are mean ± SEM (n=4-5/group). * p<0.05 vs. young+miRCTL; # p<0.05 vs. old+miRCTL.