Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13023—13037

The Gαh/phospholipase C-δ1 interaction promotes autophagosome degradation by activating the Akt/mTORC1 pathway in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer


Figure 1. The mTORC1-related pathway is putatively activated in ER(-) breast cancer with high-level Gαh expression and lung metastasis. (A) Flowchart of the gene enrichment analysis (GSEA) using the transcription profiling of the top 10% upregulated and downregulated genes in ER(-) breast cancer tissues that were defined with low-level Gαh expression without lung metastasis or high-level Gαh expression with lung metastasis in a Kaplan-Meier analysis based on the GSE5327 data set. (B) The enrichment score (ES) derived from the correlation between the MTORC1 gene set and the queried gene signatures was plotted as the green curve. The parameters including the normalized enrichment score (NES), nominal p values and false discovery rates (FDRs) are shown as inserts. (C) Transcriptional profiling of the MTORC1 gene set in the groups is shown in A. The statistical significance was analyzed by Student’s t-test. (D) Correlation of the expression of Gαh mRNA levels and MTORC1 gene in the groups is shown in A. (E and F) Results from the Kaplan-Meier analyses of the transcriptional levels of the mTORC1 gene set alone (E) or combined with the mRNA levels of Gαh (F) against ER(-) breast cancer patients from the GSE5327 data set.