Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13187—13205

Electroacupuncture ameliorates cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by suppressing autophagy via the SIRT1-FOXO1 signaling pathway


Figure 5. EA pretreatment down-regulated the protein level of LC3, while up-regulated the p62 level in the peri-ischemic cortex after 24 h of reperfusion. (A) Protein band of LC3 and the ratio of LC3-II/LC3-I. (B) Protein band and relative protein level of p62 in the peri-ischemic cortex. β-actin was used as a loading control. Data were presented as the mean ±SEM. (n=3). **P<0.01 vs. sham group. ##P<0.01 vs. I/R group; &&P<0.01 vs. I/R + EA group.