Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13684—13700

Genome-wide analyses of the prognosis-related mRNA alternative splicing landscape and novel splicing factors based on large-scale low grade glioma cohort


Figure 8. Further verification of SF gene and LGG prognosis. (AD) OS and DFS of two example genes in LGG. CELF3 (A, B), SNRNP70 (C, D); (E) IHC on collected LGG tissue; (F) The scatter plot of the IHC scores(P < 0.05); (G, H) Forest plots were used to visualize the univariate Cox regression analysis of DFS and OS in the AHYMUM cohorts. (I, J) Survival curves showed that LGG patients with elevated SNRNP70 expression levels in the AHYMUN cohort showed poorer OS (P = 0.003) and poorer DFS (P < 0.001).