Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13701—13715

Exome sequencing identifies somatic mutations in novel driver genes in non-small cell lung cancer


Figure 3. Overexpression of UNC5D inhibits lung cancer growth in vitro. (A) NCI-H1299 cells were infected with viruses harboring control vector, wild-type UNC5D, and UNC5D mutants, and protein expression was analyzed by Western blot. (B) The proliferation of cells overexpressing the vector, UNC5D-WT, UNC5D-Q135L, and UNC5D-R777H was determined by Cell Counting Kit-8 analysis. (C, D) Colony formation assays were conducted to evaluate the effect of UNC5D overexpression on the growth of lung cancer cells. (E) The mobility of UNC5D-overexpressing cells was assessed by wound healing analysis. (F, G) Cell migration analysis was determined by a Transwell assay using cells expressing the vector, wild-type UNC5D, and UNC5D mutants. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.