Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21202—21219

Association of Alzheimer’s disease risk variants on the PICALM gene with PICALM expression, core biomarkers, and feature neurodegeneration


Figure 1. Constructing the profile for Alzheimer’s disease risk variants of the PICALM gene via systematic review and meta-analysis. The flow chart of the literature selection: Finally, a total of 44 case-control studies were included, with 59 loci within or near PICALM gene associated with AD risk (A). The majority of included studies had a small-to-moderate sample size < 5000 (mainly from Asian, African, and Hispanic populations) and and the minority had a larger sample from Caucasian population or mixed-race population based on multi-center organizations (B). Associations of PICALM variations with AD risk in different populations (C).