Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21202—21219

Association of Alzheimer’s disease risk variants on the PICALM gene with PICALM expression, core biomarkers, and feature neurodegeneration


Figure 3. CSF AD biomarkers and distribution of brain region affected by specific PICALM variations in subgroup analyses. T allele of rs510566 had associations with higher CSF levels of Abeta42 (A) and lower CSF levels of ptau (B) or ptau/abeta42 (C), which remained significant only in A (-) subgroup. In addition, the associations with specific loci showed significant trends in APOE4 (-) subgroup, including rs1237999 (HIPPO, ENTOR, and MT), rs592297 (HIPPO, ENTOR, and MT), and rs3851179 (HIPPO, ENTOR, MT, and PC) (D).