Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 23761—23777

Serum KIAA1199 is an advanced-stage prognostic biomarker and metastatic oncogene in cholangiocarcinoma


Figure 6. KIAA1199 regulates proliferation and invasion in CCA cell lines. (A, B) The relative protein and mRNA expression of four small interfering RNA in siKIAA1199-transfected cells compared with control and parental cells. (F, G) Overexpression of KIAA1199 in QBC939 cells with lentivirus infection was verified by western blotting and qPCR. Proliferation of Hucct-1 cells was detected with CCK-8 after silencing KIAA1199 in Hucct-1 cells (C) and overexpressing KIAA1199 in QBC939 cells (H) in normal medium with 10% FBS. Wound healing assay was applied to evaluate migration of Hucct-1 (D) and QBC939 (I). 24 h after a scratch in the cell monolayer, the wound size was measured again. Migration of Hucct-1 and QBC939 cells was assessed with transwell assay (E, J). After KIAA1199 knockdown and overexpression, cells were seeded in the upper transwell chamber and incubated for 24 h, with FBS in the lower chamber. (original magnification: ×200; scale bar, 20 μm). Data, mean ± S.D., and representative of three independent experiments.