Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 23761—23777

Serum KIAA1199 is an advanced-stage prognostic biomarker and metastatic oncogene in cholangiocarcinoma


Figure 7. (A) Xenografts were established in nude mice with stable KIAA1199 knockdown or overexpression cell. KIAA1199 knockdown decreased the volume (B) and weight (C) of xenograft tumors. KIAA1199 overexpression increased the volume and weight of xenograft tumors. Tumor diameter was measured every 3 day. (D) Ki67 staining showed that KIAA1199 can improve the proliferation ability of xenograft tumors. (E, F) Immunohistochemistry and WB detected the expression of KIAA1199 in xenograft tumors. *, ** and *** represented P<0.05, P="" <="" 0.01="" and="" 0.001="" by="" Student's="" t-test,="" between="" the="" indicated="" groups.<="" p=""/>