Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 23822—23835

Calreticulin increases growth and progression of natural killer/T-cell lymphoma


Figure 3. CALR knockdown suppresses in vitro and in vivo NKTCL cell growth. (A) CCK-8 assay results show the viability of SNK6 and SNT8 cells transfected with shCALR #1, shCALR #2 or shControl. (B) Representative images show the xenograft tumors at 14 days in mice subcutaneously injected with the shControl-transfected SNK6 cells. The red circles indicate visible tumors. (C, D) Xenograft tumor growth analysis shows the tumor volume and weight in mice subcutaneously injected with CALR knockdown SNK6 cells in comparison with those injected with shControl-transfected SNK6 cells. Knockdown of CALR inhibited tumor formation of the SNK6 cells in vivo (C, upper panel and D). The tumor weight was significantly reduced in the CALR-silenced group compared to the control group (C, lower panel). (E) Representative H&E stained sections show the morphology of xenograft tumors derived from mice injected subcutaneously with shControl or CALR-knockdown SNK6 cells (bar=200μm). Note: The data are shown as means ± standard deviation; **** P < 0.0001, *** P < 0.001; OD = optical density.