Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 24033—24056

lncRNA DLEU2 acts as a miR-181a sponge to regulate SEPP1 and inhibit skeletal muscle differentiation and regeneration


Figure 1. A Veen diagram showing intersection of mRNAs expression profiles in GSE8479, GSE1428, and GSE52699 datasets. (A) Multi-volcano plot of DEMs in GSE8479, GSE1428, and GSE52699 datasets. (B, C) Association between the expression of DEMs (SEPP1, SV2A, GOT1 and GFOD1) in the indicated datasets. * P < 0.05. (D) DE-miRNAs selection using LASSO regression model. The selection of the optimal parameters (lambda) in the LASSO model uses the minimum criterion of 5-fold cross-validation. The dashed line was drawn at the best value using the minimum criterion and 1se (standard error) of the minimum criterion. (E) LASSO coefficient profiles of the 4 features. Generation of coefficient outline based on the log (lambda) sequence, where the optimal lambda acquires the characteristics of the 4 non-zero coefficients.