Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19475—19485

FK506 binding protein 10: a key actor of collagen crosslinking in clear cell renal cell carcinoma


Figure 6. FKBP10 is high expressed and its inhibition causes ER stress in ccRCC. β-actin is set as loading control. Quantitative analysis of each study is presented in a bar graph. (A) Immunoblotting showed FKBP10 was high expressed in 786-O ccRCC cell line comparing with normal kidney HK-2 cell line. (B) FKBP10 RNAi efficacy was confirmed by immunoblotting. (C) After FKBP10 RNAi, ER stress marker CHOP was high expressed than negative control group. (D) After FKBP10 RNAi, collagen type I precursor COL1A1 aberrantly accumulated in ccRCC cells. Negative control group showed much less expression of COL1A1.