Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20016—20028

Oral administration of berberine represses macrophage activation-associated benign prostatic hyperplasia: a pivotal involvement of the NF-κB


Figure 6. Effect of BB on the apoptosis of prostatic cells in the CM-treated RWPE-1 cell model. (A) Cell viability using MTT assay; n=6 per treatment across three separate experiments. (B) Apoptotic effect of BC inflammatory environments. The cells were stimulated with CM, with or without 5 and 10 μM BB for 24 h. (C, D) RWPE-1 were treated with CM for 3days, with or without BB (5, 10 μM). (C) Western blot analysis of PSA, PCNA, Bcl-xL. (D) qRT-PCR analysis of AR, PSA, PCNA, Bcl-xL. Data were represented as means ± SD. ### P < 0.001 versus vehicle group; *** P < 0.001 versus the CM-treated group.